What I’m reading right now

I'm about halfway through Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? by Beverly Daniel Tatum. This eye-opening work of nonfiction is an updated version of the 1997 book that turns a lens on  race in the United States. Especially compelling--and startling--are the author's efforts to address race and slavery with young children. 

Prior to this book, I was immersed in Morowa Yejidé’s novel Creatures of Passage, an audacious work set in D.C.’s Anacostia neighborhood. The book pulled me deep into its current with a story line that is imaginative and sometimes gutting. Yejide's writing is beautiful.

Some of my favorite things

Takoma Writers Group is my writing lifeline. I am honored and humbled by my connection to this cadre of extraordinary writing talent, notably Carolivia Herron, Michael McCormick, Osman Njai, and Clinton Parks. Carolivia—poet, novelist, scholar, librettist—also hosts Epic City Radio on WOWD-LP 94.3 FM, where the interviews are mind-expanding and the music is terrific.

When the scope of a project is too big for me, I am always happy to refer people to Kellogg Consulting Group. (Full disclosure: I also occasionally do editing for this high-energy company.) The leadership of Kellogg Consulting is smart, organized, and oh-so-creative.

Liza Achilles is my favorite book blogger. She brings unusual perspective and puts unexpected books—old and new—on my radar screen. Even more, she is a talented and elegant writer. If you like her work, consider becoming a Patreon subscriber. (We must support writers!)

I adore libraries. I read about them, write about them, and visit them when I’m traveling. The District of Columbia Public Library system is a gem. You can take a cooking class, get a COVID-19 test, watch a movie, or attend a book presentation (currently via online platforms). DC libraries are famous for their architecture; my neighborhood library was designed by Canadian architect Bing Thom and features a rooftop deck.

Jayne Piazza is as whimsical and unpredictable as her art. A globetrotter, tap dancer, adventure seeker, ventriloquist(!), and mixologist … this Missoula, Montana-based visual artist (and my friend) has a keen eye for the offbeat. She produces work that makes you think, wonder, laugh—or sometimes all three.

Visualgui, Donny Truong's blog, is a journey into typography, the experiences of Vietnamese Americans, parenting, life-and-death, skateboarding, and even sometimes Donny’s love of jazz. Donny is a deep thinker and compelling writer.

My website emerged from a valued collaboration with Colin Walbridge, who is more than a talented web designer. He is a gifted creator who listens, offers savvy advice, and works with care.