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Finding Love After Loss:
A Relationship Roadmap for Widows

More than any other time in history, the 700,000-plus women who are widowed every year in the United States crave a new chance at love. They are living longer and have broader views on sex and money. They want to pursue romance in creative, unorthodox, and even heretical ways. Yet it can be difficult for them and their new partners to find their footing.


Using at-the-frontline interviews, Finding Love After Loss: A Relationship Roadmap for Widows examines their crazy, sad, and even zany journey to new romance. It also reveals—and celebrates—the amazing resilience of women who have lived through great loss.

About the Authors

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In their first book together, journalists and friends Marti Benedetti and Mary Dempsey applied their storytelling skills to a subject of great interest to both: the experiences of people who love after loss. At the time they launched the project, Marti had been a widow for four years and Mary had been dating a widower for six. 


Sadly, the book’s journey—born out of the death of Marti’s husband Tom Andrew—also closed with a death. Marti proofread the final pages of the manuscript and cast the deciding vote for the book cover but died of breast cancer before Finding Love After Loss appeared in bookstores.  


"This book offers you practical guidance for seeking love after loss, along with powerful anecdotes from people who walked this path."

— Kristen Meekhof, LMSW, coauthor of A Widow's Guide to Healing

Finding Love After Loss is an excellent examination of a variety of choices available to women who are trying to come back after the loss of a husband.... [It] covers a lot of territory, providing up-to-date, useful information.

― Lansing State Journal

“Love is one of the most joyous things that anchors the human experience. That’s why it’s so hard to give it up.” Those are the opening sentences of Finding Love After Loss, a book … about the challenges of widowhood that addresses how to cope, survive and maybe find love a second time around."

― The Beacon Newspapers

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