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My Work

I have been writing and editing for as long as I can remember—news stories, magazine profiles, narrative nonfiction, annual reports, speeches, website content, fiction, books—and I know the rush that comes when you clinch the right word, when you nail the pacing, and when text persuasively conveys a new idea.

Effective stories and text are smart, clear, and useful. Their content resonates with the reader. The tools to produce powerful writing are what I bring to a collaboration.

My portfolio includes:​

  • American University

  • CAF-Development Bank of Latin America

  • Johns Hopkins University

  • Federal Communications Commission

  • George Washington University

  • Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center

  • Institute for Corporate Responsibility

  • Inter-American Dialogue

  • Kresge Foundation

  • University of Maryland Global Campus

  • World Bank Administrative Tribunal

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